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We are artists, intellectuals, healers, energy workers, athletes, educators, and lovers of life. 

We are Uhuru.

We are Women.

We are Queer and Queer-Friendly.

We are Spiritual and friendly to all religions & non-religions.

We are You.


A new world is not only possible.

It's here & now.


As our world transitions to a higher consciousness, places to heal & renew are places of revolution in the deepest sense. 

We have come together, forming a healing cooperative where healing modalities across the gamut  - from the inner to the outer to the everything - are shared in courses, workshops, retreats, practices, writings, dances,  performances, music, & events.

We focus our healing on the deep wounds in the Afrikan Diaspora, yet All who resonate are welcome to heal with us.


Healing is a political act.

Healing is revolutionary.

And healing is exactly what we do...

           Join the Revolution!

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