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intuitive Guidance for self-mastery

ABOUT THe Practice


"Attaining Enlightenment is very easy, but keeping Enlightenment is very difficult"

~ Zen Master Seung Sahn



 The Practice helps you build an integrated practice of awareness in your life, allowing you to take the reins of your indwelling power. You may experience shocking revelations, upsets, and resistances from your old belief systems. You may also experience deep bliss, profound letting go, and unexplained peace or equanimity. Anything is possible; all of it is all right. And, The Practice offers a safe space to explore, practice, and gain greater confidence in yourself & your abilities to guide your own life experience.


You are here to empower yourself to be a Revolutionary of Peace.

You are here to learn, for yourself, how to impact your world positively.

You are here to learn the Art of Self-Mastery.


Oni OM has been a student of the world's religions since she was very young. By sixth grade, she had read the King James Bible in its entirety. By high school, she had planned to go to Baptist seminary but, instead, chose to pursue a different - albeit circuitous - route to spiritual knowledge, study, understanding, and practice.

She calls herself a Spiritual Scientist because of the many systems, traditions, faiths, religions, & philosophies that she's not only studied but actually practiced herself. She's currently a mixed bag of Taoism, Zen, Shamanism, Hermeticism, and Mahayana Buddhism with some side servings of the teachings of Yeshua, Gandhi, Alan Watts, and Jung... among many others.  For Oni, faith and belief alone are not enough; she wants to know and experience and invites you to do the same.


She's an ordained interfaith reverend with a  BS in Psychology/Biology,  Master's degrees in both  Philosophy & Acting, and a Doctorate in Divinity. She loves sharing what she learns. And, she thinks we make way too much of all of this.


Oni is also the founder and Executive Director of Living Art, NFP, an arts & education non-profit dedicated to inspiring & transforming people’s lives & educating the performing arts.

Additionally, she is also a published poet & author, loves camping, and is a world-renowned voice actor & an accomplished educator.


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