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UNIA flag w UHURU in circle.png


We Are Uhuru (WAU) is a movement for Self-Determination of the Afrikan People of america. We partner with & welcome those who support the total and final liberation of our People.


In a collective act of self-determination - to name ourselves, for ourselves - we will call ourselves by a noble name that has nothing to do with anything our colonizers have called us or the land they forced us to work. At the same time we will honor our Afrikan heritage and ancestry. We have begun calling ourselves the Uhuru people.
We will no longer be Negroes, Blacks, or African American...we'll be 
Uhuru (and eventually, we'll be recognized worldwide as the Uhuru people of the Uhuru Nation).

Uhuru is a name for us that our Afrikan brothers and sisters on the continent and across the diaspora can recognize as connecting us to them, and that also helps us to recognize last.

We must reorient our consciousness in order to effectively deal with the oppression we have faced and continue to face. That first step in reorienting ourselves starts with the self-determination of naming ourselves.

And the best part:

Uhuru is Swahili for Freedom. We literally are calling ourselves the freedom that we now claim as our birthright. 
The surest way to have what you want... is to be it.

Spread this movement far and wide to your friends and folks and get them involved. Let us unite and act as One.

It's Nation time, Y'all. "They" don't think we can/will do it... Let them wait on that other thought that's comin'...

Freedom isn't only our goal; it's
who We Are.



get involved.

Call us by our true name... UHURU!
Exercising your right of self-determination is simple:
UNIA flag w UHURU in circle.png
  • Begin calling yourself by your true name, Uhuru, & insist that others do the same.

  • When filling out forms, check the "other" box and write in "Uhuru." 

  • When the 2030 Census comes around, check the "other" box, and write in "Uhuru." (If enough of us do this, the Census Bureau will have to consider creating a new racial category for us.) 

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Watch lectures and discussions that elevate, educate, and liberate.  

  • Purchase Uhuru merchandise to help to spread the word and fund the movement and our community education projects. So Dope Style handles our merchandise online. Shop for WAU shirts & such here:  ​​


  • Join us in the Idea Lab, a multi-media discussion forum & think tank where we bring our best ideas together to build the foundation for the Uhuru Nation.

This is just the beginning.

The Uhuru People must be truly free

and equal in power to other nations.

Freedom is not something that can be granted by another.

You must claim it for yourself, on your own terms.

We Are Uhuru!

get involved.


UNIA flag w UHURU in circle.png


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